Internal In2action Staff Teams

European Campsite & Overseas Hotels & UK Schools

In2action are experts in the high quality and safe delivery of activities for children, young people and families. We want all our internal staff to be as 'multi-skilled' as possible, so to achieve this all our internal team members, will receive extensive, high quality training from some of the top coaches in the UK.

Whether it's archery or circus skills, wild wild west, snorkeling or minibeast safari, we'll ensure you have the skills and confidence necessary to deliver great experiences across all age ranges. For certain activities this will also mean you gaining nationally recognised qualifications.

We don't just concentrate on activities. You'll also receive Child Protection training along with Customer Service and other role specific training designed to ensure you have all the skills to do your job confidently, safely and to the highest possible standards.

All training is provided free of charge and takes place both in the UK and on your site, prior to you working with guests.

The training and qualifications you will receive will be based on your position, role, previous experience and abilities, age group preference and operational requirements.

At In2action we have an in depth selection process. Successful applicants will be invited to an assessment course in the UK, where we spend time with them to assess their skills, enthusiasm, approach and teamwork. This also provides the time for applicants to find out more about In2action, and ensure the role is right for them.

In our experience, people have a fantastic time, making great new friends and learning a range of unique skills in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. The course is designed to ensure everybody has fun as well as learns their job role.

For all positions appropriate training will follow on directly after your assessment course and it is important to note that during this period you should satisfactorily complete all elements of your training course together with demonstrating the high standards, abilities and personality you will need to work for In2action.

We firmly believe our training is some of the best available.

External Staff Teams

China & UK Holiday Parks

For roles based in China and UK Holiday Parks extensive training will be provided by our partner companies. In the majority of cases this training will take place at your selected place of work whether that is in Beijing or in Elveden Center Parcs. All training will cover all information you will require to be successful at that job role. During the training period you will be expected to attain certain levels in order to be fully successful with the role.

Senior Roles

All senior recruits will be required to take part and pass the Training and Assessment programme as describe above. Following successful completion of this basic training there will be a time period for gaining experience of the activity role.This will involve working in one of our operations, organising and delivering activities and taking part in all the general duties of the roles.

Following this short induction period, senior staff will also be required to attend a senior training course to learn specific modules relevant to their future role. The senior training is delivered by our Senior Management team who have 50 years of management experience between them. The skills and knowledge that will be gained from the training will set suitable candidates up for a senior role.

Following all of these elements of training senor staff will have their role and location confirmed and are likely to travel to start work shortly afterwards.