In2action work with Canvas Holidays on 5 different sites. Below are the various different sites available. Please click on the links below to find out more about each site.

Family Extra Campsites

Domaine des Ormes, Dol de Bretagne
Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont, Berny Rivière
Camping la Siréne, Argelès
Les Alicourts Resort, Pierrefitte
Camping la Palombiere, Sarat

We'll ask for your campsite preference when you arrive on the assessment course. We always strive to give staff their first choice of site, but we can't always guarantee this, due to our operational requirements, staff skills and qualifications. So we ask that you are flexible in campsite placements.

What our clients say

What our clients say
Haven have now been working with the team at In2action since 2015 and have seen vast improvements in our customer and team experience in this time.

Initially our relationship was built around accessing the 'Activities to Inspire' training programme which we firmly believe has benefitted our team and activity delivery considerably.

Prior to Activities to Inspire being introduced, our team accessed our cultural training programmes as well as technical training but it was clear that we needed to devise a way of tying both together and the Activities to Inspire sessions did so perfectly.

The energy that Tim, Kylie and the team bring to these sessions is so real. Their relatable experiences of just how important our teams roles are and the impact they can have on our customers is truly inspirational stuff and after seeing customer advocacy and experience scores soar in that first year we looked to further develop the relationship.

Following the successful launch of Activities to Inspire (aimed at activity instructors) we rolled a second tailored version to our Lifeguard teams and also our arcade teams which have once again received exceptional reviews not only from the team attending and their line managers but also the feedback we glean from our guests regarding the experiences they are receiving.

In addition to customer service training we also grew the relationship with In2action across activity delivery with Fencing and balance bike training being provided which was once again, exceptional.

The relationship we have with Ellie, Tim & the team really contributes to the improvements In2action have made to our team and customer experience.

Their knowledge and understanding of our sector and roles is unrivalled as is the standard to which they deliver.

We look forward to continuing to grow this relationship as we develop new, bigger & better products for our guests to enjoy time and time again!

Thank you In2action!
Andy Bell
Haven Activities & Leisure Manager, Haven