Your site will be based on your preferences given at the training course and operational requirements. We cannot guarantee to offer you a role in your first choice of location but will do all we can to do so. You will be placed in a site on successful completion of your training and assessment course.

Length of contract

All contracts are based on operational requirements and your available dates.

There is opportunity for Activity Couriers to start in May and June to September with opportunities to work in other areas of our operation in the UK and abroad.

Senior Activity Couriers are expected to attend a training and assessment programme in March to gain all the experience and knowledge required to operate our activities. Following successful completion, you'll also be expected to attend the Senior Training Course in May.

Regional Activity Managers are required to attend and successfully complete our Senior Training Course in February. The role typically begins in April, with additional training to learn the role and help set-up the operation prior to the teams arrival.

Activity Courier Training and Assessment Course

Start dates are in May and June. Preceding each start date is an unpaid assessment period. 

Following successful completion of the assessment course there is a paid training period in the UK. Full board and lodging, usually sharing, is provided free of charge, during the assessment and training periods.


When working overseas, accommodation is provided in either tented accommodation or mobile homes. Accommodation is shared, though staff have their own inner if in a tent, or room in a mobile home.


Meals are provided during the assessment and training period in the UK, but staff must provide their own food after this.

Days and hours worked

Overseas contracts are based on a 6 day, 30 hour working week. However, due to the nature and seasonality of the work, you're expected to have a flexible approach that allows hours to be averaged over the period of your contract.


Overseas staff accrue paid holidays at the rate of 2 days for every completed month’s service. All accrued holiday days must be taken before the end of your contract and you may be required to use them at times laid down by the company. For most staff, this means that you are only required to work 5 1/2 days per week as the other 1/2 day is accrued holiday.


An appropriate uniform package is provided free of charge to all In2action team members.


Travel to your campsite from the training venue at the start of your contract is provided free of charge. On completion of your contract, you must pay your own travel back to the UK, but some/all of this will be reimbursed if you send your travel receipts to Head Office (In2action will pay an allowance of £70).


Appropriate insurance is provided free of charge for overseas staff. The policy provides cover for:

  • Medical and other expenses
  • Personal accident

What our clients say

What our clients say
In2action has transformed our children's and family activity provision. They've worked in partnership with us to develop a product, which has become an integral part of the Canvas Holidays experience. It's great to be associated with such an enthusiastic and vibrant company.
Sandy Gibbons
Operations Director, Canvas Holidays