Your site will be based on your preferences given at the training course and operational requirements. We cannot guarantee to offer you a role in your first choice of location but will do all we can to do so. You will be placed in a site on successful completion of your training and assessment course.

Length of Contract

Contracts for UK staff start from March or May and end in July, when you have the opportunity to be transferred to work in one of our other UK or Overseas resorts until early September or October. This period is subject to a separate contract , with the appropriate terms and conditions, including salary, accommodation, food, etc and depends on the product you move into.

Preceding your start date is an unpaid six-day assessment course. After successful completion, there is a further period of training before starting work on-site. Full board and lodging, usually sharing, is supplied free of charge during the assessment period.


When working in the UK you're provided with shared ccommodation units that are clean, well-heating and with plenty of hot running water.  Living on site  is great fun and you’ll be guaranteed to make friends for life. We deduct a small cost per week from your gross salary for this accommodation, but this also includes all heat, light and electricity, plus bed linen.


Working in the UK Adventure product is hard work, so you’ll need to keep a good, well balanced diet to sustain your energy levels. Due to the nature of the staff accommodation, you may not have access to cooking facilities, so we provide all staff with the opportunity to have 3 meals a day in the on-site restaurant - at a greatly reduced cost, which will be set out in your Contract of Employment

Days and hours worked

UK contracts are based on a 6 day, 39 hour working week. However, due to the nature and seasonality of the work, you're expected to have a flexible approach that allows hours to be averaged over the period of your contract.


UK staff accrue paid holidays at the rate of 2 days for every completed months service. All accrued holiday days must be taken before the end of contract and you may be required to take them at times laid down by the company. For most staff this means that you are only required to work 5 1/2 days per week as the other 1/2 day is accrued holiday.


An appropriate uniform package is provided, at a reduced cost and is detailed in your Contract of Employment


The company's Insurance does not cover personal property while working in the UK, so employees must ensure that any personal property is covered by your own Insurance Policy.

What our clients say

What our clients say
We have used In2action for over 6 years for training our overseas staff team. The boundless energy and professionalism is what sets them apart from other training providers we have used.

Our staff numbers have steadily increased over the 6 years and In2action have developed and enhanced our training programme to reflect these growing numbers without any change to the excellent quality of their training.

I would have no hesitation in recommending In2action as they always offer excellent, dedicated and spot on bespoke training.
Kirsty McDougall
Head of Operations, Ski Famille