Wight Fibre is committed to providing the best possible local customer service and support to their customers. As the Island’s first provider of broadband, TV, and phone services in one contract, they strive to continue to lead the way in the UK in fibre and communications.

Wight Fibre observed In2action running a Customer Service training workshop for the Isle of Wight Chamber of commerce and approached In2action to design and deliver a bespoke “Because we care” customer service workshop to the whole Wight Fibre team to fit in with their morals and devotion to their customers. To date In2action continue to work with Wight Fibre to set them apart in customer service from other providers.

We Work With:

  • Canvas Holidays
  • Center Parcs
  • Go Active Breaks
  • Haven
  • Ski Famille
  • TUI
  • Away Resorts
  • Wight Fibre

What our clients say

What our clients say
In2action provide the whole Wight Fibre team with knowledge and understanding of the Principles of Customer Service through our "Because We Care" training programme designed exclusively for WightFibre by In2action and delivered by Tim.

At WightFibre we really do want everyone in the company to care about our customers, because we care, and In2action have really made this happen for us. In2action's training is without doubt the most engaging and professional our team have ever received. Tim's knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for what he does is inspiring.

I would recommend In2action to businesses who are really passionate about their customers and want to improve their internal skills. In2action will make it happen.
John Irvine
CEO, WightFibre