Final Checklist – Overseas Hotel Staff

Please use this checklist to ensure that you have done everything and packed all the essentials for your training course. Remember, following successful completion of your training period, you will most likely travel straight out abroad.

Candidate Login – Ensure that you log into your candidate login and check that all the information and documents requested by the Recruitment Team have been completed. You will not be available for employment until it is all done. If there is any delay in getting anything completed please give us a call and explain the situation.

Health & Safety Information- Please ensure that you have read and understood the Health & Safety Information booklet you can find in you candidate area. If you have any questions or areas you don't understand you can give us a call or speak to one of the Training Team when you arrive in the Isle of Wight.

Bank Accounts- It is important that you organise your bank account to ensure that you are ready to go abroad. Below is a list of things to check:

  • Setup Internet Banking so that you can access your accounts abroad and manage any direct debits.
  • Ensure that your bank card will allow you to withdraw money abroad and it would be worthwhile checking if there are any charges for withdrawing money abroad. If charges are high you could look at changing your bank account to one that charges less or doesn’t charge at all.
  • Check that your bank card is valid for the time period that you will be away. If it expires please order a new one before arriving at the training course.
  • After successful completion of your assessment course, you should inform your bank that you are intending to go away for a period of time, as some banks may freeze or cancel your card if you don’t.

Mobile Phones – The majority of staff members will get themselves a SIM card for the country they travel to. This will often allow you to receive incoming calls free and also send messages and calls between other team members on the local networks cheaper. These cannot be purchased until you arrive in your country of work and is not always easy to do straight away.

Many UK mobile phone networks now have good packages offering cheap texts abroad and cheap phone calls. It may be worth investigating these even if you only plan use it for the short term before picking up a new SIM card from your country of work. If you know your options you can set these up once you know which country you will be working in.

European Health Card – Whilst working abroad you will be provided travel insurance free of charge. This will not always cover you for low value treatment or for the purchase of small amounts of medication. We ask that all staff members apply for a European Health Card which is free of charge if you use this website address . This card will allow you to receive treatment or medication for free, or at a reduced rate in European countries.

Luggage Allowance – For all staff working in the Overseas Hotel operations you will be entitled to take 40kgs of luggage on your flight so only bring what you really need. You will need to bring two suitcases as one bag can only weigh a maximum of 23Kgs.

You are also entitled to take one hand luggage bag with you on the flight. Laptops, handbags and items taken on the plane must all fit in one bag. This bag can weigh up to 5kgs and must fit within the dimensions of 55x40x20cm.

Uniform will be provided after the assessment period so please leave room in your suitcase for trousers, shorts, t-shirts and jumpers. The uniform will likely weigh around 7 Kgs.

Please be aware that whilst on duty, all piercings must be removed and all visible tattoos covered up.

What to Pack!!!

Original Documents (photocopies are not acceptable) – Please pack these somewhere that is easily accessible as you will need these on arrival.

  • Valid passport
  • Work permit (if not a UK citizen)
  • DBS Enhance Disclosure Certificate – completed by In2action or if subscribed to the DBS Update Service please bring the DBS certificate used for this.
  • Relevant and Valid Certificates – Early years childcare, Paediatric First Aid, Lifeguard, Archery GB Leader, BFA Fencing Leader and BSAC Snorkelling Instructor.
  • Valid European Health Card
  • Valid P45 Form (if you have one from your most recent employer)

General Items:

  • Alarm Clock
  • Watch
  • Toiletries – don’t go overboard. You can get these wherever you go to work.
  • Towel
  • Money – meals and accommodation are provided whilst on training, so you will not need much money for the training period. Please be aware that there is no cash machine at the training venue. You will only need money for socialising in an evening or if you wish to supplement your meals.
  • A pad and pen


  • Waterproofs – even in the summer the British weather can bring rain. We will still continue to work outside despite any rain.
  • Swimming Kit
  • Comfortable clothing for the duration of the course
  • Footwear – Sports trainers are ideal as you will be required to run around during some of the practical games.
  • Sleepwear

Additional Items for Resort Life: These can be purchased following successful completion of the course.

  • Plug adaptors
  • Foreign Currency - small amount to keep you going until you can get to a cash point abroad.
  • Social/evening wear
  • Navy canvas style shoes are needed for your uniform. These can be Converse style shoes but do not need to be branded. They do however need to have laces (so Toms are not appropriate). Socks should be navy blue or you can wear skin coloured socklets.

What our clients say

What our clients say
Haven have now been working with the team at In2action since 2015 and have seen vast improvements in our customer and team experience in this time.

Initially our relationship was built around accessing the 'Activities to Inspire' training programme which we firmly believe has benefitted our team and activity delivery considerably.

Prior to Activities to Inspire being introduced, our team accessed our cultural training programmes as well as technical training but it was clear that we needed to devise a way of tying both together and the Activities to Inspire sessions did so perfectly.

The energy that Tim, Kylie and the team bring to these sessions is so real. Their relatable experiences of just how important our teams roles are and the impact they can have on our customers is truly inspirational stuff and after seeing customer advocacy and experience scores soar in that first year we looked to further develop the relationship.

Following the successful launch of Activities to Inspire (aimed at activity instructors) we rolled a second tailored version to our Lifeguard teams and also our arcade teams which have once again received exceptional reviews not only from the team attending and their line managers but also the feedback we glean from our guests regarding the experiences they are receiving.

In addition to customer service training we also grew the relationship with In2action across activity delivery with Fencing and balance bike training being provided which was once again, exceptional.

The relationship we have with Ellie, Tim & the team really contributes to the improvements In2action have made to our team and customer experience.

Their knowledge and understanding of our sector and roles is unrivalled as is the standard to which they deliver.

We look forward to continuing to grow this relationship as we develop new, bigger & better products for our guests to enjoy time and time again!

Thank you In2action!
Andy Bell
Haven Activities & Leisure Manager, Haven