Lets get to know your business with our in-depth review

The review stage allows us to take a deep dive into your business. Understanding your products, services, unique selling proposition,
your site operations, ambitions, challenges, and team culture.
We use a variety of methods to uncover opportunities perhaps never considered and present new ways of working bringing you closer to
your goals.

Our Process

The review phase can consist of one or all of the following:


Initial meeting

Initial meeting

We understand how important it is for you to trust and understand In2action before exploring our activity services. So, we are always delighted to meet with you in person or online to explain our transformational design, training and delivery services.


Site visit

Site visit

We take time to understand the organisations we work with; build a relationship, and consider your required outcomes and ensure our unique services will meet your specific needs. At an initial site visit, we will explore your ambitions, scope, location and site potential to enable us to submit a comprehensive proposal for future development.


Mystery shopper

Mystery shopper

Let In2action help you uncover what your customers really experience. Looking with a fresh pair of eyes backed up by years of experience allows us to present a crystal-clear vision of your customer journey, enabling you to shape your future strategy.


Desk research

Desk research

We can deep-dive into your business arena to help you define and expand your brand identity.

• Customer profiles

• Guest feedback

• Competitor analysis

• Brand positioning review

• Future strategy


Business review

Business review

In2action can work alongside you to conduct a full business review or pick out key aspects to energise your future planning and operation.

• Programme review

• Activity review

• Operating review

• Training practices

• Customer and/or staff journey


Objectives review

Objectives review

In2action will collaborate with you to understand your future business objectives so we can shape a concept focussed on your required business and customer outcomes.

• Business Objectives Research

• Guest Concept & Programme

• Activity Criteria

• Customer Outcomes


Programme and activity mapping

Programme and activity mapping

In2action are experts in creating exceptional guest experiences and activity programmes.

Many years of working around the world within a vast range of settings and locations mean we are confident in our ability to create fantastic programmes for corporate, leisure and holiday visitors of all ages.

We work with you to map out your guest experience, and then create content and delivery models to ensure a best-in-class experience for your guests.


Suggestions, actions and next steps

Suggestions, actions and next steps

As a wrap-up to consultancy projects, In2action will provide a raft of options and information regarding potential next steps.

These may include:

• In-depth reports & recommendations

• Summary documents

• Fact-finding outcomes

• Company presentations & workshops

• Future proposals

We shake things up, while staying true to your business offer and identity.
We shake things up, while staying true to your business offer and identity.
We shake things up, while staying true to your business offer and identity.

What our clients say.

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Ed Pyke
Simpson Travel Operations Director

“In2action listened perfectly to our requirements, building a bespoke solution to what we needed. Our delegates all commented on how much they enjoyed the session, and how valuable they found the experience. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend In2action to any company looking for customer experience training.”

Sandy Gibbons
Operations Director, Canvas Holidays

"In2action has transformed our children's and family activity provision. They've worked in partnership with us to develop a product, which has become an integral part of the Canvas Holidays experience. It's great to be associated with such an enthusiastic and vibrant company."

Paul Hardingham
Strategic Development Director, Hoseasons

"We've worked extremely closely with the In2action team over the last five years, and the partnership has been instrumental in developing, launching and implementing our GO Active Breaks programme."

Helen Bacon
People & Culture Director, Forest Holidays

“In2action have been professional, conceptual and imaginative in the design phase of the project and they inspired, enthused, empathised and challenged in varying degrees, depending on the individuals when training our teams, in all a fantastic experience from start to finish with In2action.”

Abbie Pearce
Leisure and Activities Manager, Parkdean Resorts

“In2action designed and delivered a range of training packages to support us with our culture change. The training has received fantastic feedback from the teams at all levels and we have seen the results through a change in behaviour and customer feedback across the board.”

Heather Perry
Group Leisure Operations Manager, Center Parcs

“We have worked closely with In2action for over a decade and the quality and consistency of their work cannot be matched. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend In2action and we look forward to many more years collaborating on training projects.”

Luke Gaskins
Head of Hotel Concepts, TUI

"I can wholeheartedly recommend In2action both as a first class adventure activity and childcare provider and also as a provider of excellent service training which goes above and beyond that of competitors. They are great to do business with and a lot of fun.”

Parkdean Resorts

In2action have worked with Parkdean Resorts since 2018, providing a range of consultancy and training delivery and design services across their 67 UK locations.

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