Elevating Family Holiday Experiences: 'Activities 2 Inspire' Workshop

Setting the stage for unforgettable holiday memories, In2action's 'Activities 2 Inspire' workshop is revolutionising the path to family engagement in the global hospitality sector. An innovative approach, the workshop offers a comprehensive solution for transforming the skills of activity and childcare staff at overseas resorts, hotels, and cruise liners.‍

Here's what Clare, one of our amazing Training & Operations Associates, has to say about our transformative workshop:

Having delivered Activities 2 Inspire in the UK and beyond, I have seen first hand the positive impact it has on both the activities itself and team members. Basic activities have been enhanced through proven delivery practices and techniques. Subsequently, there has been an apparent transformation within the team due to a shift in mentality, morale, and general job satisfaction and appreciation.
To be able to witness the realisation from trainees that they too have the opportunity and capability to deliver activities in such a distinct way that creates lifetime memories, is a feeling like no other! Activities 2 Inspire is what it says on the tin – it really does have the ability to develop and inspire staff to foster quality, consistency, and hone their skills to help captivate, engage, and fulfil guest experiences.

Revolutionising Activity Delivery:

The core of this transformative workshop lies in its interactive and action-packed curriculum. Designed to encompass every aspect of activity delivery, we ensure that staff are not just conducting activities, but creating memorable experiences. From the nuances of body language and attitude to the development of practical skills for engaging diverse guests, this workshop guarantees a significant and positive impact on both the team and customers.

A Deep Dive into Workshop Content:

Participants engage in a series of meticulously structured sessions, each aimed at enhancing different facets of activity delivery:

  • Body Language and Attitude: Understanding the power of non-verbal communication and the attitude necessary to create a welcoming and engaging environment.
  • Skill Development: Learning the art of structuring activities that captivate and retain the interest of families.
  • Rapport Building: Techniques to build a connection with guests, making each interaction personal and memorable.
  • Safety Management: Emphasising the importance of safety while maintaining the fun and excitement of activities.
  • Presentation Skills: Developing the ability to deliver activities in an impressive and engaging manner.
  • Customisation: Tailoring activities to suit various age groups and customer profiles, ensuring inclusivity and personalisation.

Transformative Benefits:

The impact of the workshop is multifaceted, with improvements expected across several areas:

  • An Enhanced Guest Experience: By elevating the quality of activities, guests enjoy more fulfilling and enjoyable stays.
  • Staff Development: Your team will gain increased enthusiasm and professionalism, directly impacting their performance and guest interactions.
  • Improved Safety: A stronger focus on safety enhances the overall wellbeing of guests and staff.
  • Revenue Growth: Engaging activities lead to increased participation, directly boosting activity-related revenue.
  • Positive Feedback: Satisfied guests are more likely to provide positive feedback and reviews, enhancing your reputation.

Global Reach and Expertise:

In2action’s global presence and expertise ensures that the 'Activities 2 Inspire' workshop is not just a training program, but a gateway to international standards of hospitality. The workshop is backed by years of experience across various global destinations, bringing a wealth of knowledge and best practices to the table.

The In2action Edge:

At In2action, we stand apart for our commitment to not just train, but inspire. And our ‘Activities 2 Inspire’ workshop is not just a one-size-fits-all solution, but is tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each provider. This bespoke approach ensures that every hotel, resort or cruise liner can extract the maximum benefit from the program.

In an era where family holidays are about creating lasting memories, 'Activities 2 Inspire' is an indispensable tool for any holiday provider. It's a commitment to excellence, a promise to each guest that their holiday experience will be nothing short of extraordinary.

For more information and to start your journey towards unparalleled guest experiences, visit our Activity Delivery Training page.

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