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Culture Shift Training

We specialise in designing bespoke and on brand training workshops to tackle specific challenges within your business. We design innovative and unique business specific elements to engage and energise in your teams and transform your internal team culture.

These workshops are interactive, on brand, and engage and motivate staff, driving behavioural change in your people. Whether it’s a specific business need you have in mind or you’d like help with defining your business values and DNA, In2action have the experience and skills to help your team and company flourish.


To be decided with your business needs in mind - we can do anything from a short workshop to longer residential-style training courses and everything in between.

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Who is it for?

We offer culture shift training workshops to businesses who have identified a challenge within their existing culture, who want a fresh and innovative approach to training or who require a boost in team morale or skills.

What is team culture?

A team culture refers to the behaviours, values, attitudes, and goals of those working within a business, or even specific departments or teams within that business. A team that’s committed to working in the same way, and are striving towards common goals, is one that’s going to work cohesively and, ultimately, achieve great things both for the business, and for themselves.

Culture shifts within a business can take the form of changes in values, working practices, norms and expectations, all of which need to have solid reasoning behind them in order to stick.

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What to expect

Our team will fully immerse themselves in your business to fully understand challenges and culture. Meetings and feedback will be held with the clients chosen key personnel to shape the training to fit your company's DNA. The training can be delivered in your style using your company's branding.


The benefits of carving time out to take a deep dive with your team on your company’s culture include:

  • A collective understanding of your brand’s values and direction 
  • Clearer marketing strategies thanks to a better sense of brand 
  • A team working together means a more cohesive client experience  
  • Greater employee retention 

What skills you'll develop

The beauty of our bespoke training and culture shift packages is that the skills you’re looking to improve within your teams and the direction in which you want to move together can be set by you. Our course experts can build a framework based on your requirements, so that you and your team can get the best out of the sessions.

What our clients say.

John Irvine
CEO WightFibre

"In2action’s training is without doubt the most engaging and professional our team has ever received. Tim’s knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for what he does is inspiring. I would recommend In2action to businesses who are passionate about their customers and want to improve their internal skills. In2action will make it happen."

Why In2action?

We know that excellent customer service can only be achieved by a team working from the same page; if your business isn’t quite there yet, all it may take is a culture shift to bring everyone together.

At In2Action, we’re experts in curating training that can benefit every employee, realigning their experience with the values and direction that your business needs to adopt in order to move forward. We’re confident in delivering these unique business culture training experiences for your clients, helping to inspire your team, and assisting you in shaping your company’s future.

We have a highly experienced team who have delivered training and activity services to brands across the globe, working in the UK, France, Asia and China to name a few.

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