Hospitality Service Training

What’s on the menu?

Hospitality Customer Service Training

Behaviour and attitude are menu choices of the day - will your team choose the one that suits your business? Many of our clients focus heavily on the menu of food that is served, or the atmosphere that is created physically in their hospitality venue. But what about the way you make your customers feel and the style of service and experience your teams are providing? Our training captures the 'flavour' you are aiming for into an easily communicable 'service menu' for your teams, before bringing this to life through a practical and dynamic training workshop.


3 hours

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Who is it for?

From boardroom level to customer facing team members, our Hospitality Customer Service Training is designed for those looking to develop on everything essential and beyond in hospitality, exploring the necessities in customer service and the culture of the industry itself.

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What to expect

  • Explore your businesses service menu and how best to bring it to life.
  • Consider the relationship between customer service and customer experience.
  • Hone in on your ‘flavour’ of customer experience and look practical tips to heighten the experience of customers.
  • What is the service menu choice for today, and how we can choose the right attitude?
  • How we can adapt the service menu for our customers to create a personalised experience?
  • Be meerkats not moles: how to develop proactive team service.
  • How to tackle the pinch points and learn proactive techniques to create positive experiences.
  • How to leave a lasting impression, to ensure customers return.


  1. Improve team engagement with customer.
  2. Increase quality of customer service.
  3. Increase team confidence, enthusiasm and professionalism.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction and feedback.
  5. Increase team and customer retention.
  6. Increase team engagement, morale and positive culture.
  7. Decrease service complaints and need for resolution or compensation.

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Why In2action?

We design, curate and train your teams to deliver unique experiences for your guests that will delight and exceed expectations resulting in improved repeat business, improved feedback and reviews, and improved ancillary revenues.

We have a highly experienced team who have delivered training and activity services to brands across the globe, working in the UK, France, Asia and China to name a few.

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