Motivating yourself and others

Be on a 10

Employee Motivation Training Courses

Explore how to approach every day with a positive mindset and the ability to inspire yourself and others, making you more aware of your positive attributes and helping you excel in your personal and professional life.

Teams who are on a 10 will help your business to achieve more, retain staff, impress customers and increase sales. This course helps staff understand how first impressions and interpersonal skills can have an impact on not just the customer in front of them, but also their own career and professional development.


3 hours

Max participants
per session


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Max participants
distance learning

Who is it for?

Our Employee and Team Motivation Training Courses are for all staff, across all sectors, at all levels of business, optional management bolt on or additional content.

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What to expect

  • We’ll explore what ‘be on a 10’ means and how to be the best version of yourself at work
  • We’ll look at how teams can ‘be on a 10’ in their roles along with how to build a positive mindset.
  • We’ll explore your teams’ impact on your customers and how important their effect is, as well as how to ensure this is always positive.
  • Teams will learn how to choose their attitude and manage their own behaviours.
  • Manager bolt on includes: creating a motivational environment for your team, how to recognise team members who are on a 10, ensuring team are on a 10.


  • Increase employee and customer retention
  • Increase employee engagement, morale and positive culture.
  • Increase positive brand perception.
  • Increase quality of customer service.
  • Increase staff enthusiasm, confidence and professionalism.
  • Increase guest satisfaction and feedback.

What our clients say.

Heather Perry
Group Leisure Operations Manager, Center Parcs

“We have worked closely with In2action for over a decade and the quality and consistency of their work cannot be matched. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend In2action and we look forward to many more years collaborating on training projects.”

Why In2action?

We design, curate and train your teams to deliver unique experiences for your guests that will delight and exceed expectations resulting in improved repeat business, improved feedback and reviews, and improved ancillary revenues. 

We have a highly experienced team who have delivered training and activity services to brands across the globe, working in the UK, France, Asia and China to name a few.

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