Bespoke Soft Skills with P&O Cruises

Supporting P&O Cruises with the enthusiasm and confidence to inspire both customers and themselves!

After hearing about the expertise of In2action in the arena of training, P&O Cruises, a prominent figure in the cruise industry, approached us to enhance their employee training program, with a focus on soft skills, specifically when using the brand new high ropes course on Arvia. As P&O Cruises continually prioritises their customers' experience and safety, they wanted to ensure their staff not only had the technical know-how but also the interpersonal skills to engage and support their customers effectively on the course.

In2action, leveraging its reputation for creating compelling and informative training materials, designed and executed a series of in-depth face to face training sessions and a suite of training videos. These videos covered both operational aspects and the essential soft skills required for their employees to provide an unmatched cruising experience. For our work with P&O Cruises, we produced a series of videos to train teams on their brilliant High Ropes course onboard the Arvia cruise ship based in Southampton. Given the cyclic nature of cruise staff schedules, these videos also served as a valuable refresher, ensuring a consistently high level of service regardless of the turnover. We also trained teams in our customer experience course ‘Be on a 10’ to ensure staff could deliver an excellent High Ropes experience with the enthusiasm and confidence to inspire both customers and themselves!

"We worked with In2action on a new eLearning course for our Activity Instructors. They were brilliant to work with, friendly and professional with high levels of communication and we were really happy with the finished product. I would be very happy to work with them again on future projects." Catherine Kennedy | Senior Manager, Entertainment | P&O Cruises

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