Programme Design and Innovation with Camp Beaumont

Approaching its 40th year of operations, Camp Beaumont wanted to expand on what made them a brilliant adventure provider. Seeking ways to strengthen their school holiday experiences through stellar programme design and activity provision, herein would be the start of a highly successful partnership with In2action.

Much-loved by parents, guardians, and grandparents for over 40 years, Camp Beaumont provides flexible, affordable, and inspirational adventures to children throughout the school holidays. Coming up to 40 years of operations, they approached us with a means to review and enhance their services. They had a successful yet unvarying product that ultimately inspired them to shake things up and step outside the lines to create some exciting new aspects of the service.

Firstly, we visited many of Camp Beaumont’s sites to collate a feedback report on how we thought every aspect of their product could be developed efficiently. This was followed by a competitor analysis and full review of their programmes and activities. This would help craft a report of where Camp Beaumont was currently, and what they could achieve thereafter with the right developments. This began the transformational project, which was split into four phases.


Our first priority was to redefine Camp Beaumont’s objectives. Initially they felt the product was unchanging and wanted to enhance their programme design, activity services, staff talent, and competitive edge to stand out and reach new customers. Impressed by the success of our partnerships with TUI and Centre Parcs, they understood that gaining similar expertise would mean external training and provision.

From here, we helped to curate a new programme framework by reconsidering the activity types on offer, introducing new ones, and distributing them to a mix of age groups. This was to ensure there was not too much of one activity and enough desirable categories for all ages of children. This was an important precedent for the customer journey. We wanted to ensure the team not only understood these new and varied experiences they could provide the children with, but also how they could effectively deliver these activities time and time again.


We launched the Camp Beaumont revamp process in the Summer of 2020, at the beginning of our partnership. We looked at their current programme categories and activities, worked with marketing to brand them in interesting ways, and redesigned the entire product whilst retaining the essence of Camp Beaumont’s culture. Six new programme categories were introduced - Outside Activity, Health and Fitness, Creativity, Sports, Relaxation, and Adventure. It was imperative to introduce a variety of programme content to encourage engagement from as many children as possible. The redesigned activities led to a redesign of training too. This was so all team members knew how to best deliver the content and ensure the experiences had impact.


After designing and implementing over 40 new activities, we then rolled out the training. We delivered both face to face and via webinar/online content through the pandemic. Regardless of the challenges we all faced as a result of this, staff engagement still saw major change and our relationship was strengthened as a result of the team’s motivation. Once the personable elements of the training were harnessed, and team attitude was shifted, then the practical element of our training could begin. Team attitude was imperative to the programme and activity delivery to ensure they were prepared and ready to provide the best experiences to their customers.

We created 4 online training modules for Camp Beaumont, and ultimately trained over 5000 activity team members across the company. Eventually, the team members could experience the activities first hand through operational support and multiple in-person training packages. This meant team members could understand how customers would live and breathe the culture of their business.


Once the teams were out on the ground in action following training, we were there to make sure their newly designed programmes and activities ran smoothly via audits, quality checks, and necessary corrections. We could generate more recommendations out of those audits as a result and make relevant amendments in real time. Customer journey was carefully audited here too, where we engaged with perspective via signage, branding, marketing and navigation, which actually gave way to a slight revamp of the overall brand. This would be in line with their 40th anniversary, focusing on customer communications to both regular bases and new ones too as a result of their expansion.

Our work with Camp Beaumont has evolved since. We provide annual reviews and audits, operational solutions, staff training, online content, and support via webinars. We have supported Camp Beaumont’s growth from 16 to 60 sites, and have helped launch 6 brand new sites in Southeast Asia too. Jof Gaughan, Executive Director of Camp Beaumont, has seen a major shift in attitude and engagement following In2action’s support, which he now sees as a definite partnership.

Feedback from Camp Beaumont

“In2action has been a great investment. We approached them back in 2019 with a means to refresh our brand and add value to our programmes. We see now they are a long-term solution. Annual support and audits have been a brilliant means to maintain product strength. Team attitude and engagement has shifted very positively following the start of our partnership. We’ve been able to breathe new life into the company as a result and expand effectively. I highly recommend you consider In2action as part of your business's bigger picture. We’re very happy to have them as an essential part of our operations.” - Jof Gaughan, Executive Director of Camp Beaumont



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