Q&A with our Executive Director Ellie Websdell

In honour of International Women's Day, we wanted to acknowledge some of the amazing work achieved by our Executive Director, Ellie Websdell, who was an original founding member of In2action back in 2004!

Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you join In2actionand what is your role?

I was one of the founding members of In2action when we started the company back in 2004. Previously I completed a Sport and Exercise Degree at the University of Birmingham and spent my summers working at a Camp in America, which is where my interest in the Holiday and Leisure Sector began. I moved on to work at an Outdoor Education Centre on the Isle of Wight and was the Operations Manager before moving on to start In2action.

How would you describe the work In2action do?

At In2action we work with businesses to unleash the potential of their products and people.

Our Activity Services provide turnkey solutions for businesses delivering leisure experiences and activity programmes to customers.

We design concepts, facilities, individual activities or full activity programmes for clients introducing new products or can support with reviewing and developing existing products. We train staff in everything they need to deliver activities to the highest standards and can also provide a range of operating support, from mystery shopping visits to management mentoring and audit visits.

Our Training Services transform staff teams through dynamic and engaging workshops with a unique twist. We work with businesses to bring their corporate vision to life in innovative and fun ways that land with their front facing teams and provide them with tangible skills that can be put into practice instantly to revolutionise the customer experience.

What sets In2action apart from other training and leisure providers?

We deliver a differentiated, personal and top-quality service to our clients and in turn allow them to deliver unique and high-quality experiences to their teams and clients. We add a unique twist to everything we do, whether it’s a new design activity, a larger than life trainer, an exciting training anchor or a new operating idea. We pride ourselves on doing things differently and in a way that is easily understood and enjoyed by staff teams. We also know how important it is for teams to buy in emotionally to the business, and our feedback shows that this is something we land really well.

Why do you think what In2action does works?

We make everything fun-whether its our relationship with the senior management teams that drive projects or the staff team on the ground we deliver training to. We also focuson real life skills and delivering them in a way that will make an impact on people so they remember our core messages. We live and breathe everything that we train ourselves as a team so every interaction with In2action is a memorable and positive one.

What’s your top tip to improve customer service within an organisation?

For us it is about the human element of service – connecting staff team members emotionally with the impact they can have on customers, so they buy in to delivering great service. Its about ensuring that the team at every level pf the business are clear what ‘great’ looks like so they can deliver the basics consistently, but can inject their own personality and style into their service.

Do you have an example of when In2action transformed an organisation’s leisure provision?

We worked with Center Parcs from 2012 onwards and were instrumental in the restructure, redesign and realignment of the leisure offering, driving the minimum standards of delivery and service scores up year on year. See case study for more details.

What recommendations do you have for organisations to be successful in 2023?

Focus on the customer experience and engaging your teams.

With the focus on cost of living, its more important than ever that the service delivered to customers is differentiated and of the absolute highest standards.    

The buy in from teams to your culture and their role and impact on customers is more vital than ever in the competitive job market.

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