Customer Service Training with Forest Holidays

In2action worked closely with Forest Holidays to re-design their customer service concept and training. 

When Forest Holidays first contacted In2action it was clear that our services and their requirements made the perfect match. We knew how much of an impact we could make, and what a difference our expertise would make to the success of their brand and customer experience.

Here's what we did

In2action re-defined and re-designed Forest Holiday’s internal customer service concept and training from the ground-up, which would significantly change the direction of their organisation and status in a competitive holiday market. It wasn’t that Forest Holidays weren’t proud of its existing concept and delivery, but they wanted to capture the company culture further, making it intrinsic in the way team members communicated and for that to unite the entire organisation. Creating such substantial change was only possible by redefining the brand and finding a way to synergise every function within the organisation from that point of focus.

Here's how we did it

We started with a deep dive into who Forest Holiday’s guests are and how they wanted to make them feel, under the bespoke umbrella of ‘nurturing dreams’. We went through a customer’s journey from holiday planning, arriving on site, entering the Forest Retreat, spending time on activities, packing for home, and travelling home with their memories: really honing in on how we wanted to make guests feel. But more than that, we were making every team member accountable for a customer’s personal experience; knowing that ‘ownership’ of whether a customer has a good holiday or a magical one makes all the difference.

By placing the customer at the centre of an organisation, we were able to define Forest Holiday’s brand standards and understand all service expectations. From this position, together we could create a clear and consistent brand message that was believable and would make sense to every employee, from the boardroom to the sales office and on-site delivery teams.

Throughout the project, we applied a creative approach to designing, communicating and delivering Forest Holiday’s brand standards, ensuring the messaging and content was unique and 100% in keeping with their values, culture and personality.

We transformed instructional staff briefing sheets into inspirational ‘nurturing dreams’ opportunities, enabling staff to seek and deliver 'golden acorn' services to delight their guests. And a new ‘Dreams’ concept was created for inducting new team members.

Delivering first class training

For every team member, building a rapport with customers, internally and externally, and being true to Forest Holiday’s brand standards is everything. Using consistent messaging, we designed engaging and interactive tailor-made training modules, which embedded Forest Holidays values and placed their customer mission in the minds and hearts of team members.

We were able to bring concepts to life in a completely bespoke way with the ‘golden acorns’ concept, which encapsulated how every customer wants feel and how we can make them feel that way. Every team member was then able to understand how to carry out their roles with care, pride, attention to detail, and consistency. In2action’s training builds-on the concept of ‘being on a 10’ every day which describes the difference it makes to a customer’s experience when you are being your absolute best self.

The training was initially delivered through a series of showcase presentations. Following feedback and revisions, In2action then developed a ‘Train the Trainer’ course enabling further training across the Forest Holidays staff teams.

What Forest Holiday’s thought

The feedback from Forest Holiday’s team members was 100% excellent. It was also confirmed that the training had rolled-out a new and improved culture of service across their entire organisation.

"We have worked with In2action from conception through to delivery of our new ‘Dreams’ concept for inducting all new staff. In2action have been professional, conceptual and imaginative in the design phase of the project and they inspired, enthused, empathised and challenged in varying degrees, depending on the individuals when training our teams, in all a fantastic experience from start to finish with In2action.” - Helen Bacon, People & Culture Director

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